It’s Personal

Good of Goshen story submitted by Judy Miller.

Lon Miller is the owner of the downtown building formerly known as Kline’s Department Store. This is where his store ‘Home Again’ is located, a store that sells (used) consignment furniture and home decor.

Lon has always cared more about people than ‘things’. He cares about the people that he rents space to in his building … to him it’s personal, not just business.

Lon’s history of caring for the Goshen community extends back many years. Lon bought the old church on the corner of 6th Street and Washington years ago and converted it into a large home and lived there with his wife Judy for 7 years while hosting many activities, groups and events that benefited from his hospitality.

He was the founder and Director (for 5 years) of ‘The Post’ youth center, located in the former/ repurposed post office. Teens looked to him as a father figure then and still many (now adults) drop in to chat with him at his store, where he can be found with his two Labradoodles, Tedd & Olive.

Lon enjoys recycling furniture, home decor and old buildings in Goshen, but it’s more than that.
It’s personal.


Home Again
120 North Main Street #120
Goshen, IN 46526

Lon Miller • The Good of Goshen

Lon Miller, owner of Home Again with his two Labradoodles, Tedd and Olive



Good of Goshen story submitted by Judy Miller
Photography by Lynne Zehr

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