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“Voices singing together – it just lifts you up and carries you,” enthuses Bill Mateer, Goshen Community Chorale director. The Goshen Community Chorale has been making beautiful music in Goshen since 1983.

The varied repertoire of the Chorale has included classics like Braham’s Requiem and Handel’s Messiah and contemporary works by Andrew Lloyd Weber and Jerry Bock.

Larry Yoder, charter member of the Chorale, sees the Chorale as a group that reflects the spirit of Goshen, “The chorale is homegrown entertainment. It brings people together with similar interests and gives them a place to express themselves musically.”

In December 1993, the Goshen Community Chorale was incorporated as a non-profit organization obtaining its 501 (C) 3 status. Since 2009, the Indiana Arts Commission has awarded grants to the Chorale in recognition of its many benefits to the broader community.

The Chorale will present Navidad Nuestra by Ariel Ramirez for the 2016 winter concert. This is the second concert of Hispanic American music that the Chorale will present in conjunction with famed Peruvian flutist Nayo Ulloa, who works with Goshen’s Latin American Culture and Language Center, LLC and musicians from St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church.

“Knowing each other is important to a town. Making beautiful music together is great way to get to know one another,” says Viviane Borkholder chorale member.

Borkholder continues, “As a stay at home mom, my world gets pretty small. Singing in the Chorale gives me a creative outlet. There is so much freedom in music to be creative, to be with others and to just be in the music.”

The tradition of choral music doesn’t just happen anymore. It needs to be deliberate and thoughtful. The Goshen Community Chorale builds community within itself and in the wider Goshen community as it works collaboratively to bring wonderfully crafted chorale music to everyone.

For more information on joining the Goshen Community Chorale or attending a concert visit the Chorale’s website.

Good of Goshen story submitted by Gail Shetler

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