Good of Goshen, Goshen, Indiana

Welcome to the Good of Goshen

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The Good of Goshen is a community-led storytelling project. Our aim is to share what makes this small city spectacular and to invite community members to share their own stories.

The stories feature city residents who have transformed the community into an “uncommonly great” place to live, study, work, and visit.

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  • Soak up the rest of summer on some gorgeous bike
  • Goshen is making strides with green initiatives all over our
  • These photos are so great we couldnt pick just one!
  • Goshen isnt just going green were going gold!
  • Kaitlin Hart is the owner of Hartistry Makeup Studio Studio
  • Give us all the avocado toast and juice for a
  • Is it possible to crave Vietnamese food for breakfast? Absolutely!
  • Tucked behind some beautiful flowers is Tommys Kids Castle!

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