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The Good of Goshen is a community-led storytelling project. Our aim is to share what makes this small city spectacular and to invite community members to share their own stories.

The stories feature city residents who have transformed the community into an “uncommonly great” place to live, study, work, and visit.

Only-in-Goshen Gifts Under $30 • The Good of Goshen

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite gifts under $30 to spark some holiday spirit and inspiration.

Goshen's Community Relations Commission (CRC) • The Good of Goshen

The impact of CRC’s efforts to address discrimination and promote racial reconciliation is more complex than developing better neighbors. Prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion on a community-wide basis also supports vital factors contributing to Goshen’s overall economic growth.

Brownfield Sites Bloom Again in Goshen • The Good of Goshen

Goshen has been resurrecting area brownfield spaces, returning them to vibrant community use through the Brownfields Program.

Goshen's Hot Spots for Cooler Weather Workouts • The Good of Goshen

Find Goshen’s hot spots for cooler weather workouts!

5 Ways Goshen is Bicycle Friendly • The Good of Goshen

Find fitness outside in Goshen at these sunny, summer spots.

Goshen Nonprofits Give Back and Grow With ARP Funds • The Good of Goshen
5 Ways Goshen is Bicycle Friendly • The Good of Goshen

Learn how Goshen is building a better community for bikes!

14 Reasons Goshen is the Greenest • The Good of Goshen

Read our collection of stories to learn 14 reasons Goshen is the greenest!

Girl Named Tom, winner of the The Voice in 2021, is among the bands that got their start in Goshen.

We didn’t forget about all of our talented bands! See a list of 18 bands who got their start in Goshen.

10 Ways to Convince Anyone to Attend Goshen Community Schools • The Good of Goshen

10 Ways to Convince Anyone to
Attend Goshen Schools

Musicians and Music Industry Leaders Who Debuted in Goshen

Did you know Goshen has talent? Here are some of the musicians and industry leaders who started out here in Goshen.

15 Mind-Blowingly Good Taquerias • The Good of Goshen

15 Mind-Blowingly Good Taquerias in Goshen

9 Incredible Day Trips Within 45 Minutes of Goshen • The Good of Goshen

What lies just outside of Goshen? Find out with these nine amazing day trips!

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