Good of Goshen, Goshen, Indiana

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The Good of Goshen is a community-led storytelling project. Our aim is to share what makes this small city spectacular and to invite community members to share their own stories.

The stories feature city residents who have transformed the community into an “uncommonly great” place to live, study, work, and visit.

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  • Meet Anna Mast owner of annabread a local cafe and
  • We had the best time last Friday during our Hometown
  • This weeks goodofgoshen Photo of the Week was taken by
  • This week many in Goshen and around the world were
  • I graduated from goshencollege in 2007 Before that I had
  • It is no secret that winters in Goshen are cold
  • Have you stopped by trendclothinginc yet?  Trend is located
  • Goshen has some pretty amazing bars  but beyond the

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