Learning in Goshen

Never stop learning!

Goshen is home to educational institutions like Goshen College – an award-winning and affordable private college that is home to the tuition-covering All IN program – and a school system that is Top 100 of all school districts in the State of Indiana (per niche.com). Goshen Community Schools offers a unique college-prep International Baccalaureate program, as well, and also provides a project-based learning curriculum that caters to students looking for a different, more hands-on, approach to learning.

And the learning opportunities are not just for kids and students. Goshen offers an array of Adult Education classes, self-help and self-improvement classes, and various other opportunities for people of all ages to expand their horizons and continue to learn, advance, and grow.

Heck, you can even take flying lessons from New Horizons Aviation at the Goshen Municipal Airport. Whatever it is, you can likely learn it in Goshen.