9 Places to Chillax and Be Well in Goshen


Goshen is often hailed for its lively downtown and vast selection of concert venues, restaurants, breweries, festivals, parks, trails … and, well, lots of other great stuff. But did you know that the Maple City is also a perfect place to go for some peace, quiet, and rejuvenation?

From spas to yoga studios to contemplative retreat centers, there’s no better place to “chillax” and be well than in Goshen.

10 Places to Chillax • The Good of Goshen

Here’s our list of just a few places you can go for that much-needed retreat, and a few only-in-Goshen ways you can optimize your health from the comfort of your own home.

1. Give yourself a pat on the back

Whether you’re looking for deep tissue work or just a light shoulder rub, there are plenty of massage professionals to choose from in Goshen. Here are just a few:

Giving Tree Massage
125 East Lincoln Avenue

Embody Massage
302 South Main Street

Integrative Massage
302 South Main Street

Art of Massage
113 E. Madison St. Apt B

2. Soak it all in

Pamper yourself at one of Goshen’s day spas or salons, where you can enjoy facials and body treatments, or beautify yourself (not that you need it, gorgeous!) with waxes, brow tints, and more. Here are a select few to choose from:

Day La Sol Spa
302 South Main Street

Goshen Nail & Spa
1852 Lincolnway East

Glamour Nails
2018 Lincolnway East

3. Take a deep breath

Yoga isn’t just about getting a workout and stretching your muscles, it’s also about connecting with your breath and relaxing your inner-mind. So instead of saying to yourself “na’maste in bed” in the morning, do yourself a favor by taking a yoga class at Goshen’s downtown yoga studios. You can choose from a wide selection of classes that range from the beginner’s level to acro-yoga. They also offer workshops and special events throughout the year. In the summer, Spacious Heart Yoga offers outdoor yoga along the Millrace Trail on Saturday mornings!

Spacious Heart Yoga
302 South Main Street

Photo provided by Spacious Heart Yoga Studio

4. Work it out

Nothing beats that post-workout feeling, especially when you’re working it out with the upbeat and energizing people. Try joining one of Goshen’s many health and fitness clubs or gyms like LOL Health and Fitness, where you can choose a variety of fun classes including Power Barre, Zumba, and Kickboxing, or join a community sports team with Goshen Parks and Recreation Department!

Anytime Fitness
712 West Lincoln Ave

Crossfit 811
824 Reliance Road

Eastlake Athletic Club
1400 Fairfield Avenue, 201 Chicago Ave.

Goshen Parks and Recreation Department
Wayne Wogoman Welcome Center, Fidler Pond Park

LOL Health & Fitness
302 South Main Street

Photo provided by LOL Health and Fitness

5. Embrace that “pins and needles” feeling

Acupuncture is an ancient form of releasing the tension of the muscles by inserting microscopic needles into pressure points. OK, so the idea may give you the heebie-jeebies now … but just wait until you feel the relaxation that comes after! 

Katherine Dick Community Acupuncture
313 South Third Street

6. Get your mind right

We all want to improve our well-being, and what better area to start than with than the mind? When you feel better emotionally, your whole life improves with it. Here are a few local counseling and therapy options in Goshen:

Wade Psychological Services
313 South Third Street

Dr. Terri Brenneman
313 South Third Street

7. Find your hermitage-away-from-home

Sometimes, all we really need to feel relaxed is to have some quiet time away. At Pathways Retreat, you can plan a solitary retreat in the cabin, go for the day for a walk in the labyrinth, or join a group for morning prayer and meditation.

Pathways Retreat
309 1/2 Hackett Road

8. Let nature do the work

Of course, you don’t have to join a gym or go to a spa for a relaxing getaway. In Goshen, there are plenty of gorgeous nature trails, hikes, and scenic views that will stir your senses and relax your mind. Walk the Millrace or Pumpkinvine trails, soak in the sunshine at Shanklin Park, bike around Fidler Pond, or take a contemplative stroll through the DeFries Calendar Gardens.

Photo provided by Pathways Retreat Center

9. Bring the spa home

You can create a spa-like atmosphere in your own home with Goshen-area artisanal products.

Try the lavender bath salts from Soapy Gnome, as well as the natural and organic soaps and lotions from Maple City Market or the Goshen Farmers Market. After that, do some inner-work with new reading materials from Better World Books while sipping on a cup of loose-leaf tea from the Electric Brew!



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