Anna Mast • The Good of Goshen

Anna Mast

Owner, Anna’s Bread

Published Dec. 2018

I moved here for college and am originally from Scottsdale, PA. I bought the bakery back in 2017, but Rachel Shenk and I had been working out the business details together for about 5 years prior. Rachel was the best example of an unconventional boss.

She took us in with all of our faults and schedules and turned us into really great cooks. She always had grace and patience with our mistakes. And she had really great life advice too! From when I was in school to when I knew I was going to take over the bakery. She has an, “If it’s not fun why are you doing it?” mentality.

Goshen is such an approachable place to start a business. Someone in their 20s could start a business here and the community would be behind them and so would the other businesses.

The collaboration and support from other business owners eliminate any feelings of competition.

Editor • Liz Core Shenk
Interview + Photography • Olivia Copsey

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