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Anna p.s.

Touring Musician

Published March 2020

I am a performing and traveling musician. I write a lot of my own music. I play some covers. Since July of 2019, I have been on the road except for a few weeks in November and January of 2020. Right now, I’m in Park City, Utah. I am staying with friends that started as fans. This is the farthest Northwest I’ve been, though I was in Phoenix last year.

In addition to being a traveling musician, I am an obsessive crafter of anything. I make soap and propagate plants and coffee tables and journals. I just started selling those at The Local last fall. I think what sets Goshen apart from all of the places I’ve been, is I feel like I can do anything or start anything and there will be community support. Goshen is such a grassroots sort of place. I am encouraged by all of the small businesses driving the economy downtown.

I attended Goshen College starting in 2006 and moved away a couple of times but never really left. I kept getting drawn back to the arts community. The first year that I came back to Goshen Nate offered me a job at the Goshen theater. After that, I accidentally grew roots with the arts community and the place.

For me, one of the best parts of traveling and getting to see the country is getting to see all of the natural places around. I like to go hiking and exploring and that kind of thing. I like to get out in nature and move around.

In Goshen, I’ve always enjoyed the Millrace and the Pumpkinvine Trail. I like that there’s so much green in Goshen and you don’t have to travel far to find it. I also like to spend some evenings and Elephant Bar and Goshen Brewing Company. I also frequent The Electric Brew and Ignition Music. I lived next to Pizzeria Venturi when it first opened and ate there way too much.

Goshen is my home because it is just the place and people you can always come back to and be welcome. Sometimes home will be wherever I’m playing that night. The people around are just good people and they are Goshen to me. Because the people around arts and music are kind of the same kind of people in a way wherever you go.

Writing, editing, and photography by Scott Weisser and Neil King

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