At Greencroft Goshen, Residents Never Stop Dreaming

Greencroft Dreams Program • Good of Goshen

Published Dec. 2017

Since 2005 and nearly every year since, the Dreams Program has given Greencroft residents the opportunity and assistance to do the things they’ve always wanted to do –– from riding a hot air balloon to riding a motorcycle to getting poetry published.

Read Joann’s Poem

“Melt Down”
by Joann Kilmer

I’m made of lovely clean white snow
Created by my dearest friends.
Small children helped me slowly grow.

So many happy hours I spend
While looking through my eyes of coal.
At my long nose, seems there’s no end.

It may be strange, I have a goal
To live beyond this melting dew.
It is my wish to have a soul.

I’d run and dance as children do.
Would cry or laugh, which one I choose.
The name for me could be Snow Sue.

Accept a soul, I must refuse.
Instead, I’m melting down to ooze.

Editor • Liz Shenk
Videography • Abby Shetler

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