Avah Devoe • The Good of Goshen

Avah Devoe

Student, Goshen High School

Published April 2019

Avah Devoe is a freshman at Goshen High School, where she’s involved in cheer, soccer, track, and diving. Outside of school, she’s the youngest member of the Goshen Tree Board.

“We talk about how, around Goshen, different areas need different trees,” Devoe said. “Sunnier areas need trees that can provide shade so people can rest there. Also, the littler trees that are more pretty shouldn’t be planted everywhere, because they don’t really help the environment – they’re just pretty. We talk about how to fix things around Goshen, basically.”

Devoe said she enjoys being part of the board.

“Everyone’s really nice. They all encourage me to talk more in the group,” she said, adding, “They’ve been asking me to ask other kids if they want to be on the board.”

Goshen city forester Aaron Sawatsky-Kingsley said Devoe adds youth and a youthful perspective to the Tree Board.

“She comes with fresh questions,” Sawatsky-Kingsley said. “Avah forces us to think about what it is we’re saying and what’s the approach and why. She also brings some good humor, too. Because she’s seeing things from a fresh perspective, it helps us – and me – to kind of step back and see things from her vantage point.”

Editor • Maddie Yost, Scott Weisser
Interview + Photography • Scott Weisser

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