Awed by Generosity

Good of Goshen story submitted by Lynette Mischel.

Published Oct. 2014

The Good of Goshen
As one who had to find my own way to pay for undergraduate and graduate school, I am awed by the generosity of so many in the greater Goshen area who over the years have supported medical career education for so many nurses, doctors and other medical career staff such as imaging technologists or physical therapists.

Over 200 nurses have received loans to become nurses (BSN) or advance their educations to become nurse practitioners (MSN).

Some are on their way to become physician assistants extending the number of patients our physicians can serve. Dr. James Gingerich of Maple City Health Care was awarded a loan grant to help him through medical school and he has returned to the area to lead Maple City Health Care’s expansion to reach more underserved and uninsured patients.

These collaborative efforts coordinated by the Goshen Hospital & Health Care Foundation are ensuring healthy living in this wonderfully idyllic town.


So while many Goshen residents attended high school in Goshen and never went on to college, through personal success and generous hearts, they were and are willing to step up to help others go to undergraduate and graduate school for medical careers to return to the area to provide healing and hope. A recent estate gift of nearly $1,000,000 along with the many other funds established by generous souls of the past make tiny Goshen a giant in visionary, innovative philanthropy on behalf of the community’s wellness.

Thank you to all who provide who heal us in so many unselfish ways through thoughtful, generous giving. Goshen should be proud … one more aspect to put it on the national map!


Good of Goshen story submitted by Lynette Mischel
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