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Biebs & Ash

David Lucchese, co-owner of Biebs and Ash, pictured with co-owner Ashley Robinson

I think there’s a need for more restaurants in Goshen. There aren’t a ton of lunch options in this downtown area, either, and we’re hoping to add to that.

We will be running full counter service during that lunch hour, and we should be able to get you in and out pretty quickly.

Burgers are pretty much what we’ve done since we’ve been out on our own. I think we’ve got a signature style of burger no one else does around here. That, combined with our loaded fries options, gives you a really fun take on ‘burgers and fries.’

Our peanut butter smashburger is a long-time favorite for anyone who has it. The list of ingredients may look kind of odd when you read it, but it’s that perfect combination of salt and sweet and all the good spice. Second to that would be our garlic parmesan fries. We do fries with a garlic aioli and just a ton of fresh parm on top. People get really excited when they come out.

I think it is a great time for the restaurant industry. People are ready to get out of the house. You can go into any local food establishment and see people there to get out of the house or support those local restaurants, and I think that’s huge. People have been separated over the past year and a half, and it feels like everyone’s ready to see their friends and see their family.

We just want to give people an opportunity to do that with good food and good drinks.

We’ve seen an overwhelming amount of support from people we know and don’t know, people who come to pop-ups and tell us how much they love our food and how excited they are that we’ll be opening in Goshen.

The friendliness of Goshen as a whole is different. I’ve opened restaurants in Elkhart and Mishawaka, and there’s just a different… I hate the word ‘vibe,’ but vibe about Goshen. It’s warm and embracing, and that’s huge for us. It’s definitely got the small-town feel that you see in books and movies.

Our opening date is not a secret; it’s just hard to predict. We’re waiting on equipment, and we’re waiting on permits for the city.

Our best case scenario is we’ll be open in late October, early November.

— David Lucchese, co-owner of Biebs & Ash, pictured with co-owner Ashley Robinson

David Lucchese • Biebs & Ash • The Good of Goshen
David Lucchese • Biebs & Ash • The Good of Goshen
David Lucchese • Biebs & Ash • The Good of Goshen

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Written and edited by Wendy Wilson

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