Brittany Olson • The Good of Goshen

Brittany Olson

Marketing Department, Lippert Components

Published Aug. 2019

In my 24 years of living, I’ve been here in the same house, same neighborhood, same friends – and I’ve loved it. I met my best friends here. I’m still friends with them and still see them all the time. They actually live here, too, which is amazing. Even though we went away and came back, our connection still stayed the same and probably grew stronger, too. Goshen was always home. We love the small town. We love the feeling that everyone is family here.

I am in the marketing department at Lippert Components. I am in a very creative environment there. We do a lot of fun, creative projects. I get to travel for work. I definitely love that we have core values at Lippert Components that everyone lives by, that I try to live out. I think it’s very important for a company to have that. They’re all about their team members. Everyone matters. It’s all about a group effort; no one person stands out. We all accomplish the goal.

For fun, I love to play sports – volleyball, swimming. I definitely love to exercise and be active. I enjoy singing and listening to music, and being with friends and family. Being outside and enjoying the nice weather. Fall is my favorite season, and Goshen is beautiful in the fall.

I love Goshen High School. That’s where I grew up. That’s my spot. I was involved in a lot of different things there sports-wise, music-wise, musicals, the Crimsonaires. That’s where I had so many supportive teachers, so many great friends and connections. It felt like a family.

Everyone is so friendly and smiling and welcoming in Goshen. The city is very welcoming. I tell my friends, ‘Don’t be deceived. Don’t think that just because it’s a small town that not a lot goes on.’ We’re a very unique city. We’re growing, that’s for sure.

Editor • Maddie Yost, Scott Weisser
Interview + Photography • Scott Weisser

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