Building a Legacy on Community and Clay

Goshen’s Ceramics Community • The Good of Goshen

Published Dec. 2015

When Marvin Bartel came to teach art at Goshen College in 1970, the ceramics program grew rapidly. His “try-it-and-see” approach attracted students from other departments, and helped art majors grow in their own personal styles. Though Bartel has since retired from teaching, the ceramics program continues to grow, and remains a popular area of study to this day. 

Nearly 50 years later, Bartel’s approach to teaching and learning has helped set a foundation for the massive outgrowth of ceramic artists in the Michiana area — many of whom are Goshen College alumni. Many artists have stayed in Goshen, making it a popular destination for those interested in starting their own pottery businesses. They have helped form Goshen into a place where it is easy to make a living as an artist and to collaborate for the benefit of all.

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