Cade Fisher • The Good of Goshen

Cade Fisher

Student, Goshen College

Published Aug. 2019

I feel like Goshen is a place where people aren’t afraid to share their opinions. Generally, that seems to happen in a respectful way, or in a way in which things can get done.

For example, I was in high school when the mascot was changed to the Goshen Redhawks. I wasn’t part of the team that came up with new ideas, but I was on one of the later subcommittees, so I heard both sides of that argument. It was incredible how passionate people were on both sides. That says something about the community: We can be passionate about something and share those opinions and still move forward. We can still have change and progress into a more welcoming community.

I was born in Goshen. All my schooling has been in Goshen, and now I’m in my second year at Goshen College. I was a part of Goshen College’s first Study-Service Theology Term when I was in high school, so I was technically a student at the college to go on that trip. I’m studying peace, justice, and conflict studies and minoring in both music and video game development.

This summer I worked at Shanklin Pool and I was also a counselor at Camp Friedenswald. During the school year, I work as a lifeguard at the Aquatic Center. This year I picked up a job as an RA at Goshen College

Right off the bat, when I was being recruited to GC, the admissions counselors really emphasized the human connection. They came to my musicals at Goshen High School, and I got a letter from one of them congratulating me on a good performance. Since I’ve been at GC, I feel the professors have made it a point to get to know me. I feel like I have a place at Goshen College.

One of the groups I’m a part of at GC that does a lot of good work on the campus is the Prevention Intervention Network. PIN does pro-social bystander training and helps to educate people about consent, sexual harassment on college campuses, and building an equitable culture. That’s a really important part of the work I do on campus because that’s kind of what I’m interested in studying – social justice and working to help people

Writing, editing, and photography by Scott Weisser and Neil King

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