Carina Potts • The Good of Goshen

Carina Potts

Bartender, Goshen Brewing Company

Published Nov. 2018

Goshen has some pretty amazing bars – but beyond the artisan cocktails and frosty pours are some even more amazing people. We’re excited to introduce you to a few of them with our new #BartendersOfGoshen series. Today, meet Carina Potts from Goshen Brewing Company! 🍻

Name: Carina Potts (a.k.a. Hot Pottz)

Bartends at: Goshen Brewing Company

Personal favorite beer
The Boston Cosmo-naut, Goshen Brewing Company

“I love the texture. It’s cloudy and looks like a sunset in a glass. It’s also super hoppy and has the most punch!”

Drink she’d recommend
The Culture Shock, Goshen Brewing Company

“This one is a kettle sour. The color looks like pink lemonade and it’s a completely different beer drinking experience than your standard pale ale. The best thing about this drink is that it can appeal to people who don’t even normally like beer.”

Best bartender trick or tip
I can spin the glasses when I pick them up?? Ha! But, in all seriousness, it’s probably multitasking.

Always being hyper-aware of everyone in my vicinity. Being fully engaged at all times. You need a high degree of presence and thinking about what’s going on right now. You can’t fully develop relationships and personal connections with people if you’re trying to think about all the other things you have to do later. Being present is what develops those. It’s the most exhausting part, but also the most rewarding.

Best bartending story
One of our fellow bartenders decided to propose to his now wife in GBCo. – and they got married the same night here in the restaurant. He’d obviously planned this out beforehand and it was such a heartwarming experience to be part of. Seeing them make this huge life choice, and have it centered here. When I come here, it’s like I’m walking into my family room.

Editor • Maddie Yost, Scott Weisser
Interview + Photography • Olivia Copsey

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