Doug Nisley • The Good of Goshen

Brett Weddell

Goshen City Council Representative

Published Feb. 2021

When my time’s up on the City Council, I hope I can look back and other people can look back and see that I was part of moving the city forward and trying to make it a better place to live for everybody.

I was born and raised and went to school here and graduated from Goshen High School.

I had kind of been involved with Goshen politics ever since Max Chiddister was the mayor. That is when I got interested and started going to City Council meetings.

Being involved and going to City Council meetings and kind of following and learning the process, there was still a learning curve that I had to have. I think everybody goes through it, just the process of how things are done in a meeting.

You have six other people you’ve got to work with, and I feel we work pretty well together. We don’t always agree with each other, and I didn’t expect to, but in the end, we can get stuff done and still be able to talk to each other.

We have an array of different cultures here in Goshen. I think we all still work together in the community, and we’re all striving for one thing, and that is to make Goshen a better place to live for either our kids or grandkids. We just have, I think, a different outlook than other towns have in working together.

Writing and editing by Scott Weisser and Neil King

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