Drey Regalado • The Good of Goshen

Drey Regalado

Band Member, In Perpetuum

Published May 2021

Music has definitely been part of my life for a while. It kind of started when I was 12 or 13; I remember getting into music. I actually was a guitarist for a while. One day I started experimenting with the screaming. I always enjoyed that kind of music.

I play in a metal band, In Perpetuum. There are a lot of technical guitar rhythms. It’s definitely pretty heavy. It’s a lot of loud, distorted guitars and crazy drums.

We definitely take influences from other bands that we listen to. It’s all mainly the djent/metalcore aspects of it. When you’re in a band, you also want to create something new. You don’t want to copy and paste. We also try to grab influences from other types of music.

It’s been tricky to stay alive as a group in general with bandmates during the pandemic. We wanted to go to band practice, but we kind of had to stop doing that for a while because of COVID. You don’t want to be in that tight practice space. Even if you wear a mask, it’s still kind of risky at times. When you’re in a band, it’s also kind of hard to find a good practice space that’s not too open to other people, because not everyone enjoys listening to live music. It was definitely a challenge finding a practice space that was big enough to keep our distance and at the same time not bother anybody.

I feel like Goshen is very diverse. There’s plenty of good food, different kinds of food, and there’s also a lot of art going around here. I’ve noticed that recently, now that I’m getting more into the art/music scene around here. It’s just a really nice, cozy town where you can probably find anything you want.

Writing and editing by Scott Weisser and Neil King

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