How to Turn Your Business Ideas Into Reality in Goshen

Goshen Chamber of Commerce • Good of Goshen

Published June. 2015

Whether you’re a self-starting entrepreneur or a high-profile business mogul, you’ll find a supportive business community, energized customer base, and plenty of room for growth in Goshen.

Goshen is home to hundreds of start-ups and family-owned businesses, many of which have persevered through decades of economic ups and downs. The success of many local businesses is possible in part because of the Goshen Chamber of Commerce, a city-wide membership organization that seeks to “champion our community’s business future.”

If you’re considering starting a business in Goshen, no matter how large or small, you’ll find assistance and encouragement in Goshen. Here are some resources to help you turn your business ideas into a bustling reality in Goshen.
Good of Goshen Scripting • Kendall Pictures
Good of Goshen Videography • FiveCore Media
Good of Goshen Editor • Liz Shenk

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