Goshen Created an Environmental Resilience Department

Published April 2022

The Environmental Resilience YouTube Channel, Violett Cemetery

The Environmental Resilience Department was established in 2019 to support the great, green work in community education already underway in Goshen, coordinating those efforts and creating dedicated and focused leadership.

Today the city’s youngest department is located in Rieth Interpretive Center, and delivers richly on its mission: maintaining an inventory of trees in the public right of way as part of its protection of Goshen’s urban forest; identifying ways the community might better address climate change, and creating and promoting practical ways to do so.

But Environmental Resilience also provides greater access to the natural world in imaginative ways, another aspect of its charter to connect people and place. The department offers school and education programs, nature hikes, and a YouTube channel that provides a 24-hour feed from cameras posted in three city parks.

Written and edited by Wendy Wilson