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Goshen is Certified Bicycle-Friendly!

Bikers riding around downtown Goshen

Goshen’s work to make room for cyclists on roads and byways was officially recognized by the League of American Bicyclists when it named Goshen a Bicycle-Friendly Community.

The city received a bronze medal designation for measures put in place to promote cycling as both a form of recreation and as a safe, reasonable, and sustainable alternative to transportation by car. Support of cycling through engineering efforts – greenway development and its intentional connectedness to key community destinations – and education in schools were noted as particular areas of strength in Goshen’s creation of a Bicycle-Friendly Community.

And the city hopes a silver designation lies in the not-too-distant future. Goshen is working toward this next level of bicycle friendliness as part of promoting sustainable transportation in the local government’s climate action plan.

Written and edited by Wendy Wilson

Original publish date April 2022

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