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Historic Dickerson Landing

Published May 2017

  • Boundaries are from 3rd Street to the east, Pike Street to the north, the Elkhart River and Indiana Avenue to the west, Wilden Avenue and Rock Run Creek to the north and northeast.
  • In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the neighborhood was a center of transportation. There was a river boat landing in the location of the current Bob Evans; the interurban trolley ran through delivering workers to the Old Bag Factory, which was a soap factory at the time; the Lincoln Highway passed through the area, a junction that once traversed by a young Dwight Eisenhower traveling with a military convoy en route to Los Angeles; and the neighborhood is home to an ancient Native American trail that runs along the river.
  • The neighborhood was also home to a lumber mill, saw mill, and most of the town’s carpenters. It is said that this neighborhood “built Goshen,” as many of the structures in downtown Goshen were built with materials manufactured in Dickerson Landing.
  • The first orchard in Goshen was located here.

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