City of Goshen Neighborhood Associations

West Goshen

Published May 2017

  • Boundaries are from Elkhart Road to the north, Indiana Avenue to the east, Berkey Avenue to the south, Riverside Boulevard to the west.
  • The West Goshen Neighborhood Association keeps its members active with various gatherings throughout the year and monthly meetings.
  • Neighborhood events include an annual block party, neighborhood-wide garage sales, clean-up days, and various fundraisers like hillbilly hotdog meals.
  • Members produce and distribute their own newsletters and take care of the mowing and gardening at the 5-Points Green Space, the location of their neighborhood sign.
  • The neighborhood’s monthly meetings not only touch on matters of business, but also often feature guest speakers who touch on items of interest for residents. For example, notable guests have been the city forester, the parks department director, the fire chief, the police chief, representatives from American Red Cross, the city engineering department heads, the mayor, and their district councilperson.
  • During election years, they have even hosted dinners for each city candidate to meet residents and answer questions.

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