Dr. Max Mertz

Family Physician at Goshen Health, Medical Director for Goshen Health Hospice
Residence: Goshen, Indiana

Published Nov. 2017

I don’t have any trouble getting to work in the morning –– I love doing what I do. Taking care of patients is what I live for. I’m really passionate about caring for my patients and being an advocate for them. I’ve been blessed to be [at Goshen Health] for so long, so I have had many, many multi-generational families; two, three, and even four generations.

The thing that has continually impressed me with the people I’ve worked with [at Goshen Health] is their commitment to the mission of the hospital. It really ties into most people’s’ personal missions in their life, to care for those patients. It’s just phenomenal how the colleagues here do that –– from the administration to the nurses to the aides to the people who clean the floors.

We have been so happy that we came to Goshen. This whole community, the people we’ve met, and the friendships we’ve made through our connections at the hospital, at church, and through the school. My wife and I have gone as medical support and chaperones on lots of school trips. We still go every year or two with the marine biology trip to the [Florida] Keys. We just love doing those things and being active. Our kids all went to Goshen High School, and we still support them [even though] our kids are long gone from that. The opportunities they had going there were just fantastic.
Editor • Liz Shenk
Interview & Photography • Ashley Ganger

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