Janet Buccicone

Profession: Volunteer
Residence: Goshen, Indiana

Published Jan. 2018

We had just left Illinois. It was too crowded and close to Chicago. My husband was looking for a job and was interviewed in Elkhart County –– we didn’t know anything about the area, but he said it was the job for him. We thought we’d only be here for four years, but, needless to say, we didn’t leave in four years. We loved it here; the people, the receptiveness of new ideas, the events and activities. There’s always something going on. We fell in love with Goshen.
One of the things I’ve become very passionate about is service to the community –– especially to children in the community. Whether you work directly with them or serve them through an organization, I believe it makes a difference. I belong to Maple City Kiwanis, which meets at 6:30 in the morning on Thursdays. Yikes, I know, it’s early –– but we do an awful lot for kids in the community. It’s worth it.

What spurred my passion for serving the community? Because I’ve seen the difference it makes. I’ve seen our community change. I’ve seen the quilt gardens develop through volunteer work. I’ve seen Goshen First Fridays develop through the work of volunteers.  I don’t remember how many years ago, but all the sudden people were saying, “Let’s go downtown on First Fridays!” or “Let’s do this downtown tonight!” –– and now, it’s become this tremendous event that people from all over the region love to come to. I’ve been involved with volunteering for years. It all started when someone asked if I wanted to cook at the Kiwanis trailer during First Fridays one year. The next thing I knew, I was volunteering at a museum giving tours. Then I was out here in the quilt gardens pulling weeds on 100+ degree days. But I love it. Giving back to the community is what I’m passionate about. It’s fun. It’s rewarding. It’s my passion.

Editor • Liz Shenk
Interview + Photography • Ashley Ganger

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