Mike Weber

CFO, Rieth-Riley Construction Inc.

Published Jan. 2018

We live in the house my wife grew up in. It’s a farmhouse between Goshen and Middlebury. That house has been there for over 100 years. Even so, we’re only about two minutes from downtown Goshen. We really enjoy how close we are to downtown. It’s really nice to walk five minutes and you’ve got nice places to eat, stuff to do, bike paths, and parks.

I’m married with three children. Two are in college, and my youngest is a sophomore in high school. Being a parent –– as soon as you have the first one, your whole life changes for the better. You forget what it’s like to be single. You’re not just responsible for yourself or your spouse, you’re responsible for a someone who needs you. It really changes a person. As your children get older, it’s interesting to watch them grow and see the person they’ve become. You know, you do your best, and it’s nice to see the way they turn out.

I’ve been with Rieth-Riley for 16 years. The culture of the company is really different from anywhere else I’ve worked. Everybody takes ownership of what you’re doing, and what you can do for the company to make them better –– even if it’s as simple as saving money on small things.

Being a leader means having to show by example. You can’t just say, ‘Do this.’ You have to show that you’re willing to do X to help someone out or improve the situation. It’s the servant-leadership role. I’ve had numerous people in my life who have had a positive impact on me who have shown me the importance of that kind of leadership. I saw those traits, and now I try to emulate them.

Editor • Liz Shenk
Interview + Photography • Ashley Ganger

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