Goshen’s Green Education: Goes Wherever You Are

Published April 2022

14 Reasons Goshen is the Greenest • The Good of Goshen

Webinars on sustainability topics including recycling in Goshen can be accessed online.

Goshen believes sustainable practices become a shared priority when more people understand the benefits. So to spread the word about what going green really means, the city developed dynamic environmental programming to reach the community where they live.

A webinar series covering topics from the environmental effects of consumerism to waste-free kitchen gardening went online in 2021 as part of the city’s Zero Waste Initiative, educating viewers about the real-world impact of trash and offering tips about how households can reduce their own.

And through a city collaboration with Eco-PAX, the Goshen College club dedicated to environmental stewardship, a lunch-and-learn series was created for the community to consume over lunch, either in-person or remotely, wherever they find having a sandwich most comfortable.

In a word: tasty!

Written and edited by Wendy Wilson