Goshen’s Local Government is Green, too

Published April 2022

14 Reasons Goshen is the Greenest • The Good of Goshen

Goshen City Hall

Photo courtesy of the City of Goshen

In response to a call for action on climate change by Goshen youth, the city answered with a commitment to do its part to keep the community forever green.

Goshen’s 2021 Climate Action Plan for Government Operations identifies a variety of fronts where the challenge of rising temperatures can be met and addressed by the city through specific efforts. This civic answer to 2019’s Youth Environmental Resolution echoes its chief goal – net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2035 – by detailing short- and long-term changes in local government operations to move the city toward its first set of benchmarks: a reduction of 30% in electricity usage, 20% in natural gas, and a 25% decrease in gas consumption by city-owned vehicles by 2026.

And our city’s plan to promote sustainability extends beyond LED streetlights (more than 95% converted by 2025!) to education, outlining ambitions to provide training to employees on green infrastructure and offering flexible hours for city workers interested in pursuing certifications as master naturalists or tree stewards.

Written and edited by Wendy Wilson