Growing Goshen

Published Nov. 2021

The Good of Goshen • Growing Goshen

Goshen is green at its business and residential heart, growing all the time.

Look around our town, and here are some things you will see: a new neighborhood park where you can walk your dog and the creative repurposing of space in a park you thought you already knew where you could try your hand – or wrist! — at a whole new sport.

You can visit the storefronts of downtown local business owners who expanded during a period of prolonged uncertainty, so confident were they in the patronage of their Goshen customers, and manufacturers who problem-solved their way through a pandemic to solutions that served their employees here in town and market demands to spectacular outcomes.

Many of those same entrepreneurs find themselves hiring for more positions than they can readily fill; all are in agreement that this is an excellent problem to have.

There are new restaurants to try and fresh seasons of arts programming to engage with, and there’s more of all of it on the way.

Business is thriving in Goshen, our days lived — and played — out in innovative spaces created by neighbors with vision and purpose. Click through to read about Goshen’s remarkable, continued growth and all of the appreciable ways life here just keeps getting better.

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