The Good of Goshen • Johan Vazquez

Johan Vasquez

Owner, Guac N’ Squat

I don’t necessarily have a favorite popsicle – they are all addictively delicious.

There are some flavors that I crave more than others. For example, I created a popsicle to show people the deliciousness of the heart of Mexico using Guanabana. This fruit has a flavor profile of sweet, creamy pear. I crave Guanabana the most.

Getting new customers is a challenge because not everyone is eager to try something unfamiliar. So, I often provide samples of my foods to give people a chance to try something new.

Once people know my foods and the heart behind my products, they really support the gift and little secret they’ve discovered.

– Johan Vasquez

The Good of Goshen • Johan Vazquez
The Good of Goshen • Johan Vazquez

Guac N’ Squat
212 West Washington Street #1 Goshen, IN 46526

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