His name is Irish

Good of Goshen story submitted by Ned Kauffman.

The Good of Goshen
Good of Goshen Story submitted by Ned Kauffman

Good of Goshen Story submitted by Ned Kauffman

When we noticed water bubbling up along the street, we notified Goshen’s water and sewer department. It was determined that the leak was in the lateral coming from the main across the street and work would start the next morning.

Since I’m retired, I was able to be a “sidewalk superintendent” and learn about the repair of our, taken for granted infrastructure, water supply lines. The pavement, asphalt over the old brick roadway, was cut and removed over the main where the lateral is running under the street. To my surprise, they used the big vacuum truck to suck the dirt out of the hole and expose the pipes about 6 feet deep. The next step was to repeat the procedure in our tree lawn, the space between the edge of the street and the sidewalk, to expose the city controlled shut off valve to our house.

At this point we were informed that we have been paying an eighty cent insurance premium on our monthly water & sewer bill, so we could have – at no charge – a plumber replace the water line into our basement whole house shut off at the water meter. Since this was the second time for a break in the lateral under the street in the 38 years of living in this 102 year old house, we jumped at this opportunity.

Good of Goshen

Goshen water and sewer department working to expose a shut off valve.

Three days later, when the city’s W & S Department Superintendent Kent Holder was helping his crew finish the asphalt patch across the street and the plumber’s backhoe was straddling the tree lawn hole to dig a trench to the house basement, a stray German Shepherd-mix pup appeared on the scene. He kept making his – will you be my friend – rounds to each of the 7 workers. One could sense the common concern for his safety. Kent got in his truck to leave and then turned around to take the pup to his office, to put a notice in the paper and hope for someone to identify it.

That afternoon my wife and I took a walk in our West Goshen neighborhood on a street that we seldom walk. A woman and boy approached and asked us if we had seen a pup, which had escaped by digging under their fence. After recovering from my dropped jaw – I said yes, I did see one earlier in the day. Upon hearing their description, which seemed to fit very well, I told them who to contact. They did and were reunited with their pet.

I recalled that the boy had said right at the start of our meeting, “His name is Irish.” Let’s just call it The Luck of Irish. This synchronistic event reminded me of my good fortune to be living in the Good of Goshen.



Good of Goshen story submitted by Ned Kauffman
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