Honey’s Frozen Desserts Provides A Sweet Community Gathering Place

Published June 2017

Honey’s Frozen Desserts serves up more than sweet treats. At this family-owned cafe in Linway Plaza, customers find a cozy place to relax in a family-friendly environment. According to Honey’s owner Matthew Grawcock, Honey’s purpose is to give back to the community and provide a friendly gathering place.

“The Good of Goshen, for us at Honey’s, is definitely our customers,” said Grawcock. “They’re always excited when we have new things, they’re always looking for new ways to reach out with us when we’re doing community events. … I’ve always loved the Goshen community.”

Check out this video to get to know Honey’s a little better –– and next time you’re in the area, stop by for some delicious frozen yogurt, ice cream, coffee, or tea!

Update: Honey’s Frozen Desserts is no longer in operation. However, the passionate and dedicated individuals involved continue to positively impact the community.

Good of Goshen Videography • FiveCore Media

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