Jacob Hellums • The Good of Goshen

Jacob Hellums

U.S. Army veteran. Hellums will be the featured speaker at Goshen’s 2021 Memorial Day Observance.

Published May 2021

I wish more people understood what Memorial Day and Memorial Day weekend is truly about. I don’t have a problem with people enjoying themselves and taking pleasure in their three-day weekend. But I’d like for them to just stop for a moment – especially on Memorial Day – to actually remember what the day is there for and remember those who have served and especially those who have fallen.

Freedom’s not free. It’s all paid for by those who served in the armed forces. It’s paid for by the blood of those who fought and served, and especially by those who never made it back home in one piece. You need to be able to remember those who have fallen and pay tribute to them so that people can remember what it is that gives them the freedoms they are able to enjoy today.

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