Julia Fisher

Julia Fisher

Owner – Salon J

Published May 2024

‘It’s Been a Great Run’

Julia Fisher, owner of Goshen’s popular Salon J, closing up shop and moving on to start her next chapter


I opened Salon J in Goshen near the end of 2008.

It was during The Great Recession and there was a fair amount of uncertainty about opening a business during that time. But I had built up my clientele over the previous 10 years, and I had faith in myself. Customers came to Salon J, and a lot of them stayed with me, and I worked very hard over the years to maintain the business and be involved in the Goshen community.

There was always a lot of community support, and overall it was a great 16 years here at 130 South Main Street. I had so many wonderful people step through the doorway, and so many great stylists got their start with me. Now that I’m closing Salon J and moving on to something new, I just wanted to express how thankful I feel to have had this experience.

The early days of First Fridays

I was born and raised in Goshen, went to Goshen High School, and I can say firsthand that this is a city with a strong framework of community support.

For instance, small businesses can pretty easily get involved in the community by volunteering and participating in First Fridays and other events. That was an early priority of mine with Salon J. First Fridays was still a very new thing when I got involved, and I very much enjoyed being on that committee—that really helped to fuel my passion.

It’s been pretty incredible to watch Downtown Goshen blossom and bloom since those early days of First Fridays.

Julia Fisher
Julia Fisher

 Photos courtesy of Julia Fisher and Salon J

Julia Fisher

We had a lot of very memorable moments over the years. We did a Career Day presentation for Goshen Middle School students, and we’ve volunteered to do hair and makeup at so many First Fridays, parades, and festivals.

It’s been a tremendous amount of fun.

As a small business owner, it’s not in everyone’s nature to try and get involved in the surrounding community, and that’s fine. But if it is, Goshen is a place where small business owners can gain access and become a part of that larger whole. Just by stepping up and getting involved, it’s possible for Goshen businesses to become a part of the conversation.

‘A change is as good as a rest’

My kids are older now, and I just felt like it is a good time to focus more on myself. At this point in my life I’d prefer to have less overhead and be open by appointment, not necessarily every day. I want to have more time for planning events, and I want to make myself more mobile. I’ll be working out of Granger, and I’ll continue to do events in Goshen—so I won’t be gone completely. 

I’m also working as an insurance agent these days, and there are a lot of meetings—so you’ll continue to find me at The Electric Brew, that’s for certain. I’ll miss being able to walk to downtown Goshen for coffee, and the great eateries. I’ll also miss Maple City Market, which has been a mainstay for me over the years.

It’s not always easy to move on to the next chapter, but I will always value the relationships I have here.

I will always have a special place in my heart for the City of Goshen.

Written by Jake Sandock