Julia Fisher Herschberger • The Good of Goshen

Julia Fisher Herschberger

Owner, Salon J

Published Nov. 2020

In the beginning, I was like, ‘This is fun! This is great!’ Well, then reality set in. There were some hardships there for a few years, but we’ve got a really good thing going. We’ve got a great team. I feel lucky that I got this spot. My location is great. We’ve got a great thing going with Jules Boutique. Our relationship with them is wonderful.

Before I even opened here, I had done hair for 10 years in the Goshen area. I have people who have been with me all of that time. I picked up quite a few new customers along the way as well. It’s a mix of both.

I went to beauty school within about six months of graduating high school. In the beginning, I didn’t actually have any intentions of having my own place. That just sounded like more of a headache than what I wanted.

I became pretty good friends with Julie Freshour, who had opened Jules Boutique. The whole deal came about just out of the fact that she was hosting fashion shows and really fun events. I just kind of saw an opportunity of something that felt like it was missing in Goshen. The space was here and that’s how it came about. The business got started in November 2008.

I was really nervous about opening back up because I thought we were going to get completely bombarded in the beginning. With all the extra cleaning and all the extra it seemed like we were doing because of the virus, it just felt like it would be really overwhelming – and it ended up being great.

Not everybody was ready to come back right away. We kind of slowly got through everybody who wanted to come in. We got into really good habits on cleaning. We actually had all these cleaning supplies, so getting cleaning supplies wasn’t too much of an issue. We just have all gotten used to a new, cleaner routine that is here to stay, really.

I love our community. It’s easy to be involved. I love being downtown. It just keeps improving. Every year that I’ve been here, it just gets better and better.

Writing, editing, and photography by Scott Weisser and Neil King

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