Kare Andersen • The Good of Goshen

Kare Andersen

Owner, Olympia Candy Kitchen

I think our customers are ready to be back inside and eat on regular plates and that kind of thing, but there’s been a lot of support. It’s been huge – people buying gift cards or dining outside. We’ve added three tables for a total of five tables outside for people.

We closed for a week completely, and then after that we did just candy until Easter. That’s when I built the Kirb-side service out front here for a window and started doing food and candy out of that.

It’s named after Kirby Whitehead, who worked here for more than 60 years. He just passed away last October. In honor of him, we named it Kirb.

My great-grandpa came here in the early 1900s and ended up working here and then buying it when it was called Columbia Candies. Around 1920 or so, he met his wife here. My grandpa ran it after him and then my mom ran it after him.

I think our downtown is very vibrant. It has so many different shops and fun little places to go to. There’s a little bit of everything down here, and there’s a lot of great history. It’s a great place for people to come down and visit. Goshen is a great community. Everybody supports each other and really comes together.

Writing, editing, and photography by Scott Weisser and Neil King

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