Karen Grubb • The Good of Goshen

Karen Grubb

Lifelong Goshen Resident

Published Aug. 2020

Living in Goshen my whole life has been very rewarding. I’ve watched a very vibrant community fall through the cracks and I’ve watched it built up again with a new generation of vitality.

The school system has seen tremendous growth, not only in our elementary level but in the middle school and high school. The new fifth- and sixth-grade school will allow for much-needed space. In every educational building we are blessed with the most caring, creative teachers and staff.

I especially have ties to Goshen Hospital. When my dad was working for The South Bend Medical Foundation, he was given the job of working in the lab of the hospital. Seven of 11 of my siblings were born there, as well as patched up in the ER.

Goshen hospital has always been there for my healthcare needs, from having my children born there to most recently COVID-19 pneumonia. Although the hospital’s COVID floor was very isolating, the staff was fantastic in taking care of my needs. What impressed me the most was their willingness to help one another under the strictest of isolation protocols.

Faith is also very important in the Goshen community. Churches are building more to meet the needs of their growing congregations. The Catholic Church with its growing Hispanic population added on to its Mass schedule. Churches made adjustments to their worship styles when more contemporary services were added.

Having grown up in Goshen, I still miss a lot of the old traditions, but they have been replaced with a sense of community for the ‘Good of Goshen.’

Writing, editing, and photography by Scott Weisser and Neil King

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