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Kyle Stutzman

Bartender, The Elephant Bar

Published Oct. 2019

Pull up a stool to the Elephant Bar and say hello to our latest Bartender of Goshen: Kyle Stutzman! 🍻

Where I Bartend
The Elephant Bar, 227 S. Main St., Goshen

Where I Got Started
I’ve been bartending for almost six years. Double D’s: That’s where I learned how to bartend. I started there in 2014 and worked there until I was asked to be the manager here in 2017.

Favorite Drink
My favorite drink as of late has been beer. There are so many good beers out nowadays, especially locally. We’ve got Goshen Brewing Company, Bear Hands, Wedgewood, HopLore in Leesburg. Everybody’s making great beer and it’s starting to be all over.

Favorite Drink to Make
We have a drink here called The White Elephant. It’s kind of like a standard Kamikaze. I just variated it a little bit, and people seem to like it. It’s kind of strong, but it doesn’t have a super-strong taste. I love doing The White Elephant.

Try to create a place that people want to come back to. That’s what it’s all about. The bartender kind of controls the mood, how things are. Especially here, because the bartender plays the music and controls what’s on the TVs. When you’re the bartender, you set the tone for everything. If you’re having fun, smiling, happy, being conversational, then people are really receptive to that. They’re like, “Oh, this is awesome! He’s really cool. I want to come back here.” That’s how you get regulars and people start coming back. And then, before you know it, you know everybody’s name who’s walking in through the door.

What I Like About My Job
It’s not like your average job. I can be myself and not have to worry about anything. My bosses are super cool. As long as I’m representing them and the company in a good light, then I can pretty much do as I please. Not a lot of people have that. I get to be myself and wear what I want and play the music I want and create, basically, the atmosphere I want to create. So I’m super fortunate for that.

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Writing, editing, and photography by Scott Weisser and Neil King

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