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LaRae Fleenor

Bartender, Common Spirits

Published July 2019

Today for our occasional #BartendersOfGoshen series, meet LaRae Fleenor from Common Spirits, at 111 East Lincoln Avenue in Goshen! 🍻

How long I’ve been here
Since we opened. We’re celebrating our third year.

How I got started
I know Jami. We worked together at the County Seat. She and Ryan decided to open a bar and asked me to be a part of it, so I joined that team and quit Hacienda and started this full time. I’d bartended at Hacienda for a good three years.

Favorite drinks
My favorite drink to drink would be a strawberry Jalapeño margarita, but with mezcal. Summertime: perfect. I like to make drinks that have egg white in them. It’s just a little bit more of a process – you have to double shake and you can feel it process. When you pour it out, it has that nice foam on top.

It’s about balance. If you can learn how to balance cocktails, then you’ll have a good drink.

Favorite part of the job
I love serving and I love bartending. I like the connection that I make with people every single day. I have great bosses who are also my friends, and it makes it so easy to work here in this environment. I feel like this was an opportunity that was handed to me.

Editor • Maddie Yost, Scott Weisser
Interview + Photography • Scott Weisser

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