Laura Morris • The Good of Goshen

Laura Morris

Breast Surgical Oncologist, Goshen Health

Published Oct. 2020

I have never looked back. I talk with patients about it: I came here for five years and it’s 20 years later and I don’t plan on moving.

I was recruited to work at the Center for Cancer Care. I work in the cancer center and I’m also the medical director out at The Retreat Women’s Health Center. One of the reasons I was recruited here was to put together the women’s center and a breast program; I’m a breast surgical oncologist. We’re very progressive, and have technology and treatments available here in Goshen that people would otherwise have to travel to Chicago for.

I’m from a big city. When they recruited me here in 2000, my plan was to stay here for five years to help set up the program, and then I was going to move on. I will tell you what has really kept me here: It’s the people. The people are fabulous. It’s not just the people at Goshen Health. It’s the people in the community. Everybody is so kind.

Patients will always comment, ‘I was treated so well and as a person, not just that woman with breast cancer in Room 2.’

Every woman over 40 should have a mammogram yearly. We offer the latest technology available for screening.

I was on the Elkhart County 4-H Fair Board for 10 years when I first got here. I grew up in suburbia Detroit. We didn’t have 4H or 4H fairs. I love that community support and community gathering place.

Kercher’s market is fabulous! You go in there and Mollie and Maureen say, ‘Hi, how’s it going?’ They let you know what they have available. The Goshen Farmers Market is fabulous. I love going there every Tuesday after work to pick up my dinner. Pizzeria Venturi and South Side Soda Shop: Oh my gosh, I’m like family every time I go into South Side Soda Shop, with Charity and Nick wanting to know how things are going. The Nut Shoppe – all these places are family-run businesses and you feel like family when you go in.

The people and the community engagement: It’s really one of the foremost things about this area.

Writing, editing, and photography by Scott Weisser and Neil King

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