Len Morris • The Good of Goshen

Len Morris

Owner, Stair Supplies and Viewrail

Published Oct. 2020

My goal is to know, at some personal level, every person I work with.

StairSupplies began in a hog barn out on C.R. 32 in the early 2000s. I had just left a role as a pastor of a church. I’d left on good terms and thought that God had something for me. I found out that what I needed to do, apparently, was start a stair business.

We live on Main Street, and we have eight buildings surrounding the industrial park. What I enjoy is I’ll walk to work nearly every day and often walk home from work. My daughter goes to Bethany Christian Schools just a quarter of a mile down from our house. I love playing basketball at Goshen College with a group of guys over lunch. A lot of what I long to do I’m able to do within walking distance from my house, which I really enjoy.

Goshen has a good set of people to work with. Whether it’s CAD in engineering, marketing, web building – we’ve been able to find plenty of people to work with and to grow the business.

Compared to California or New York or Virginia, which is where most of our products go – our No. 1 state that we send to is California – it would be very burdensome to start a business like this in that area. Goshen has been business-friendly for us to be able to manufacture and to sell into the highly populated states around the country.

Probably the thing that I have poured the bulk of my energy into in recent years has been a program called Marked Men for Christ. It’s a mentoring and developing program, finding healing for men. There is a sister program called Women’s Walk With Christ that our family has been a part of as well.

When my kids were younger I was very involved in coaching. I’ve been a part of the E3 mentoring program at Goshen Middle School. A young kid whom I started mentoring in sixth grade, he’s now a junior. We’re still connected and still meet weekly.

Our products are long-lasting, but people are eternal, and I am committing to treating everyone that way. That’s resonated with a lot of people, and I think that’s resonated in turn with their grabbing hold of that and treating one another that way as well. We’ve been able to enjoy a very positive work environment and place in Goshen.

Writing, editing, and photography by Scott Weisser and Neil King

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