Maritza Chavez Stahly • The Good of Goshen

Maritza Chavez Stahly

Athletic Trainer, Goshen Health

Published Feb. 2021

I had a wonderful time at Goshen College. I love the atmosphere, especially with sports. I was always in the Gunden Gymnasium. I met a bunch of good friends at Goshen College, and we still are friends. The athletic trainer helped me a lot, especially with choosing something that I would love to do, which was athletic training. I was one of the student aides with the trainer there.

I’m employed through Goshen Health, and work at the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine clinic. I’m also contracted out from there to Goshen High School and Concord High School as their athletic trainer.

I loved SST at Goshen College. I actually ended up in the jungle in Peru and was sent to a special education school. Because I knew Spanish and learned ASL, I ended up helping three little boys in the classroom to learn Peruvian sign language.

I love learning new languages. The more languages I know, the more I can communicate with people and maybe help them out.

Even though Goshen is a small town, it seems like a big town. There is something that anybody can enjoy, whether it’s arts, finding a theatre production, or music. We have a little bit of everything. You don’t have to travel that far to find it, either. I feel like it’s a welcoming place. There’s a lot of diversity.

Writing and editing by Scott Weisser and Neil King

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