Matt Schrock • The Good of Goshen

Matt Schrock

Member, City Council

Published Sept. 2020

When I first signed up, I wanted to see what was going on from the inside out instead of from the outside in. That’s the part I’m enjoying the most: Being more informed on what’s going on. Being a small business owner, that’s when you start caring about that kind of stuff.

I’ve been here in Goshen my whole life. Chandler Elementary School, Towncrest Junior High, Goshen High School, the whole shebang. I graduated in ’79.

I own and with help from my nephew Allen, my general manager, we operate Cycle Works, LLC. – Goshen, Indiana. The shop opened up in ’92.

That’s why I signed up: Just to make sure that East Goshen and North Goshen get a fair shake to their piece of the pie on projects and infrastructure improvements.

I’m still learning. I’m just trying to absorb all this information and make somewhat common-sense decisions when it comes to the council. I like all the people. Yeah, we disagree, but I think that’s part of the system, isn’t it? If everybody agreed on the exact same thing every time, there wouldn’t be any reason to have it.

For me, it’s the history. Back in school, I had other things on my mind than history. I didn’t care about local history, far-away history. Years and years ago I became more interested in local history. I like talking about the old interurban. I like talking about the old downtown Sidewalk Days.

I love what’s going on downtown. I like that they’re not letting buildings get torn down. In Goshen, we’re trying within reason to save those historic buildings.

There’s just something about being here. To be perfectly honest, we’ve had opportunities to move the shop out of Goshen. Nah. We’re staying.

Writing, editing, and photography by Scott Weisser and Neil King

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