Nicole Boyd Lehman • The Good of Goshen

Nicole Boyd Lehman

Host of the I Spy along South Fifth Street downtown

Published May 2020

I’ve got three kids, and knew that we were going to be home for a bit. I thought it might be fun for us to set up an I Spy game in our front yard. I had a friend who said she might do something similar.

We have a parrot. We have some alphabet letters and a sled. We have an inflatable moose head, a WWE figure, a mannequin. Everything that’s hidden is written on the sidewalk in chalk.

We have a bear for the “bear hunt,” too. It’s a nice excuse to get the kids out and walking.

The community is definitely what makes Goshen special. I was raised in a family that really cares a lot about the Goshen community. Right before we got married, my husband and I actually bought an abandoned house in downtown Goshen. We feel very strongly about the community and the support of downtown and the support of small businesses. We root pretty hard for the little guy around here. People in Goshen really support one another – not just small businesses, but the schools and efforts throughout the community. If people didn’t care about all the small businesses and didn’t care about making their community better, then Goshen would just be another small Midwest town and wouldn’t be the place that it is.
Writing, editing, and photography by Scott Weisser and Neil King

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