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Peggy Schumacher

Bus Driver, Goshen Community Schools

Published May 2020

“My kids were young, and I wanted to be home when they were,” Peggy Schumacher said of how she got started driving a school bus. “I told my husband, ‘I’m getting a job where I can work just the school year – no holidays, no weekends.’ He said, ‘Well, you’d better pray a lot.’ I prayed, and I got it!”

That was 30 years ago. In that time, she’s never been involved in something like this.

Schumacher is a bus driver with Goshen Community Schools. Today, she’s one of many in the GCS family who worked together to deliver 30,000 meals to Goshen kids.

The delivery is the latest in an effort that began in early March.
“We started talking on March 9 as an operations team with our administration team about what we could do,” said Kelley Kitchen, GCS executive director of finance. “We put everything on the table, and then the governor announced on March 16 that we were no longer in school. Within less than a week, they pulled this whole thing together.”


“We served 15,513 meals in the first week,” Kitchen said. “…More people, unfortunately, have lost their jobs in this pandemic, and the second week we served 22,308. This week, we all felt it was very important that kids had something to eat over spring break, because parents are hurting. Families are hurting right now.”

The 30,000 meals will provide five days worth of both breakfast and lunch for approximately 3,000 kids. Schumacher feels the food delivery is important.

“There are so many kids who don’t get to eat if they’re not at school,” she said.

“It’s always important for Goshen schools to take care of their children in the community,” said Don Graves, GCS director of transportation. “Some of our kids don’t have those meals if we’re not in session. They might not have that breakfast. They might not have that lunch. We want to provide that to them so they have a good base for their e-learning and for their continued learning. That’s important to us.”

Writing, editing, and photography by Scott Weisser and Neil King

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