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Rebecca Haab

Owner, Twisted Britches Boutique

Published May 2020

If the windows can help bring a little bit of a smile to everyone’s face during this time, that’s what we’re going for.

Twisted Britches Boutique was going to open on First Fridays in April, so now that’s kind of been postponed. It’s all ready to open.

I design kids’ clothes, and I have ladies’ clothes also. I opened online around three or four years ago. About three years ago I went mobile, so I have a mobile boutique that I go around with to different festivals and things like that. So we’ll be mobile, online, and with the brick-and-mortar, at 213 South Main Street. I work with a few other small boutiques to help their designs also. I would say at least 80 percent are my designs.

The virus has really affected everyone in different ways. I’ve built a lot of relationships with a lot of different people. Seeing what they’re going through with this has really affected me.

On my Facebook group, we asked for ‘If you could say anything to an essential worker, what would it be?,’ like words of encouragement. We took all those comments and wrote them on hearts and put them on one window. We had another post asking for prayer requests because there are a lot of people in my group who are teachers and nurses and daycare workers. We took those requests and wrote them on hearts and put them in the other window.

I put a bag on our front door with a pen and hearts in it for people who are out walking. You can fill out your own heart and drop it in the mail slot and then I can put it up for you on the window.

I was really just looking for a place that had that sense of community and the support for small businesses. I really feel like you can feel that in Goshen. I was looking for somewhere downtown. The location is amazing, and everything is just falling into place for us, for which I’m super blessed.

Writing, editing, and photography by Scott Weisser and Neil King

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