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Sadie Drescher

Staff, Mosaic Health & Healing Arts

Published July 2019

This past year has been great for learning about my needs and the energy I want to offer the world. Reflecting on passions developed at Goshen College, working at Mosaic Health & Healing Arts, and surrounding myself with people who value health and emotional wellness has illuminated for me why I want to prioritize healing myself and the world.

At Goshen College, I worked at developing my passion for justice, and I think that’s informed a lot of how I interact and the things I appreciate about Goshen. My last class culminated in a learning tour on the U.S.-Mexico border and then walking the Migrant Trail across the desert from Mexico to Arizona. The advocacy and activism work I did at Goshen helped affirm my commitment to justice and deepen my knowledge about violence and resistance.

I was born in Virginia and grew up in Goshen. I graduated from Goshen College in 2018. I know I want to explore new communities at some point in the next couple years, but I appreciate being here now. There is plenty to be involved with.

One of the things that makes Goshen important to me is Mosaic. I think of that as the quality of work I want to be doing in the world. I also work at Goshen Brewing Company and recently started with GreenSweep Cleaning Services, and pick up shifts at Art House, too.

Mosaic is an LGBTQ-friendly, whole-person care family practice. We’re a doctor’s office day-to-day, but we also have a trans group and non-binary group. We do awareness training, and we’re partnered with AIDS Ministries to provide free HIV testing and treatment. We also have counseling services and lots of LGBTQ resources including a clothing exchange. At Mosaic, we open our arms to the most marginalized populations, doing our best to create a safe and inclusive space for people who have often experienced trauma in a doctor’s office setting. I want to continue adjusting my perspective on how to best be welcoming and apply that in all the work I do.

I enjoy the music and arts scenes in Goshen. Art House has a soft spot in my heart; I love volunteering and seeing local theater, music, and art there. I love art in general, both creating it and seeing it. I’m especially a fan of art that challenges our idea of what’s normal or expected. In my free time I also enjoy being outside – going on adventures, exploring Ox Bow Park, and hiking in the woods, as well as biking and running.

This last year working and getting more involved in Goshen has been helpful in developing a range of new skills, and doing the kind of work that I always want to be doing. Wherever I go I plan to walk alongside people and creatively provide access to healing.

Editor • Maddie Yost, Scott Weisser
Interview + Photography • Scott Weisser

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