Shannan Martin • The Good of Goshen

Shannan Martin

Local Author

Published Jan. 2020

We moved to Goshen without really knowing anyone. Though it was new and unfamiliar, we were welcomed from the start.

My family moved to Goshen’s Chamberlain neighborhood eight years ago. I know most locals see Goshen as a ‘small town’ but we moved from a much smaller, rural community. We joked that we moved to ‘the big city!’ Most of our daily life is centered within a few blocks of our home. Church, school, neighbors, the places we choose to spend our free time. It’s all right here and we love that.

I’m the author of two books (“Falling Free” and “The Ministry of Ordinary Places”) and currently working on a third book. I also do a good bit of traveling and speaking. My favorite thing to write and talk about is neighboring because my neighbors changed my life!

My husband and I have three kids still at home and what we do for fun changes a bit depending on the season. As a family of enthusiastic eaters, we love getting out and visiting our favorite Goshen restaurants year-round. We also enjoy inviting people into our home to share a meal and try to do it often. Finally, I’m an avid reader and thrifter, so I appreciate any time spent at Fables, the library, and The Depot MCC Thrift Shops.

I started working in the kitchen at The Window two days a week last spring and I absolutely love it. The people at The Window (clients, staff, and volunteers) are kind-hearted, supportive, hilarious humans who always brighten my day. We’re fortunate to have this treasure in our midst.

I love that Goshen is a compassionate, creative community that celebrates differences while holding onto what we share – the hope to be included, listened to, and trusted. I also appreciate that our community is willing to recognize that this has not been everyone’s experience, and to work together to build a future where everyone can feel safe and loved.

Writing, editing, and photography by Scott Weisser and Neil King

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