Kate Friesen and Scott Kempf • Singletree Farm • The Good of Goshen

Singletree Farm

Kate Friesen and Scott Kempf, co-owners, Singletree Farm

Kate: I have customers, and I know exactly what colors they like. I know what flowers are their favorites or what flowers their grandmother grew that are special to them.

It’s such a personal career. We get to be part of people’s lives for the big events and the small ones. Most of our selling is through the CSA and direct orders. People call us directly for birthdays and anniversaries, quinceañeras…

We will often say, ‘I can’t do that flower for you, but I can do this flower for you in a similar color or a similar texture.’ So we are often looking for a local option that is just as beautiful, just as fragrant, just as long-lasting — if not more so — than the other option.

I appreciate how much people value creativity and entrepreneurship in Goshen. We’re supported in so many ways by other small businesses in this community. And it’s a big enough town that you can tap into a lot of markets, and it’s small enough that we can know our markets.

Scott: You have a really strong business community and a really strong arts community, and you’re at the intersection of that.

I see what’s special about growing in Goshen as the community’s commitment to its own small business owners. People come out to the market in huge numbers, and we’ve formed really good relationships with those customers.

Kate: In my head, I’m a florist, a farmer, and a businesswoman, and the boundaries between those are blurred. So it’s a constant balancing act for us; on a five-year, 10-year, 20-year basis, how do we balance those?

– Kate Friesen and Scott Kempf, co-owners, Singletree Farms

Kate Friesen and Scott Kempf • Singletree Farm • The Good of Goshen
Kate Friesen and Scott Kempf • Singletree Farm • The Good of Goshen

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Written and edited by Wendy Wilson

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