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The Art of Bea Studios • The Good of Goshen

Published March 2015

Joel Jiménez (GC ’01) was born and raised in Costa Rica. After meeting a group of Goshen College students he decided to try Goshen College for himself. Joel talks about living and pursuing his dreams in Goshen.

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Why is it called Art of Bea Studio?

My grandfather’s name is Arturo and my Grandmother’s name is Beulah. They call each other Art and Bea, so I named the studio “The Art of Bea” in honor of them. They paid for me to go to college here in the states and paved the way for everything I’ve been able to do since then.
Joel Jiménez

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Joel Jiménez is a 2001 Goshen College graduate with a Communications/Graphic Design Major.

In addition to running Art of Bea Studios, he tours as a bass player with nationally known bands,
and he is the Production Manager and Front of House Engineer at Ignition Music.

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