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Gabriella Klopfenstein

The Chief, Manager. The ice cream shop is owned by Chad and Tracy Klopfenstein and Randy and Vanessa Steffen.

Published May 2020

I have just gotten back from Tanzania; I was on cross-cultural with my school for three months. We were brought back three weeks early. I saw a whole different aspect of it in Tanzania, and then coming back and being able to do something was really great. It felt like I was actually making an impact.

I grew up in Goshen and now I go to Goshen College. This will be my third year at The Chief Ice Cream. The last two years I worked as an ice cream scooper, and this year I am one of the managers.
-Gabriella Klopfenstein


The hospital contacted NISCO – where my husband also works – about making gowns, and then it evolved into masks. Then it was a joint effort between NISCO, The Chief, and KZ RV. Terry and Karla Slabach were a strong part of the mask operation. Terry works for KZ RV, and he and his wife, Karla, did a lot of coordination of the sewing effort. There were also some Amish volunteers involved in sewing. We paid some of our student employees to seal the masks before they were sown – very tedious work. I wanted the community to see that there are kids working to help others.

Well upwards of 4,000-5,000 masks, maybe more, were donated to Goshen hospital.

We felt that our first ice cream of the season should go to our health care workers. We donated individual cups specifically to the COVID health workers. Then we did another delivery to the hospital and said, ‘Give them out wherever you see fit.’ Then we dropped some off to the Goshen police station and to two fire stations. Just to show them we appreciate their extra efforts during this chaotic time.

Our pint sale was an example of how the community rallies behind and helps out its own. That inspires us to want to help out the community. Our pint sale was the first time ever doing a drive-up option. We were nervous about it but it went beautifully, and people were just so kind to our student workers. A lot of them were waiting in line in their cars for 45 minutes. There’s just such a sense of community. There’s definitely a sense of wanting to help out when you can.

We were planning to open April 7. Then we delayed that. We are opening this Tuesday.
-Tracy Klopfenstein

Writing, editing, and photography by Scott Weisser and Neil King

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